The Defibriallator Design Challenge will run February 6, 2014 through March 6, 2014. Contestants upload designs and vote for favorites in the Gallery during this time to participate and win cash prizes! Expert Panel Winners will be announced throughout the contest. Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners will be announces after the contest ends.

Create unique designs immediately surrounding AEDS that will make them more noticeable and memorable in public spaces. The designs should aim to draw attention and encourage use of AEDs during an emergency.

Vote on your favorite designs in the Gallery and share on Facebook and Twitter for additional points.

Win! Gold ($1000), Silver ($500), Bronze ($300), and two Honorable Mention prizes ($100) will be awarded to designs with the greatest amount of points at the end of the contest. Our Expert Panel will also be awarding additional prizes of $100 throughout the contest to Expert Panel Winners for exceptionally creative and educational designs.

Here is how to play!

1. Get creative

You can make almost anything to convey your vision. Your vision could be as simple as a crayon sketch or as intricate as a sculpture.

- Your design should fit the dimensions in the Create & Upload template and surround an AED.

- Your design should draw attention to the AED and the design. Be Bold!

- Your design should promote education/awareness about AEDs, cardiac arrest, and/or heart health.

2. Upload your designs

Submit your art to our contest by uploading via the Upload tab. You can add a brief explanation or story to your artwork that explains what you were thinking about in the design process. This may help encourage others to vote for your creation!

The submission upload portal will open for early submissions beginning January 29, 2014. These will become visible in the Gallery at the official contest launch on February 6, 2014.

The official contest will run from February 6, 2014 through March 6, 2014 - submissions will be accepted during this period and upon being verified will be posted to the Gallery so everyone can share and vote for your design!

3. Vote and Share for points

You gain points whenever someone votes for your submission. An individual user can vote on your design once per day.

You also gain points when you share designs from the Gallery via Facebook and Twitter. Every time that your design is shared on Facebook or Twitter using the links provided next to the image in the Gallery, you win MORE points.  Sharing is unlimited!

Voting will be open from February 6th, 2014 and continue to March 6, 2014.

4. Win!

There will be 5 winners: Gold ($1,000), Silver ($500), Bronze ($300), and two Honorable Mentions ($100) will be awarded to the designs with the highest number of points at the end of the contest.  An Expert Panel will also review the submissions daily and award additional prizes ($100) throughout the contest for exceptionally creative and educational designs.