CPR Nation
CPR Nation seeks to raise awareness about Sudden Cardiac Arrest and provide resources to Sudden Cardiac Arrest survivors and their families


Explore a variety of resources including: informative websites, interactive and instructive video clips and numerous articles providing supportive and educational material.


PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - After suffering a sudden cardiac arrest survivors are apprehensive to begin exercising again. Find information about cardiac rehab, why exercise is important and what exercise are safe.


LEARNING TOOLS & GAMES - Explore interactive tools and games in order to learn about the heart, ECGs and CPR/AED use. 




 PSAs - Watch different PSAs and share with others.




ICDs & PACEMAKERS - What does it do? What should I avoid? Hair dryers? Lawnmowers? Will it shock me? Will it hurt?



COGNITION & EMOTION - Sudden cardiac arrest has an emotional impact and can cause brain injury as well.




HYPOTHERMIA - You are at the hospital. You are distraught. Where are they? What happened? How are they? Why are they COLD? Hypothermia is a treatment, used with cardiac arrest victims, in order to prevent physical damage.


THE HEART - What is sudden cardiac arrest? How does the heart work?




 WEBSITES - Connect and learn from other organizations. 




SCA IN YOUTH  - Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of medical death in young athletes. Common conditions associated with sudden cardiac arrest in youth are: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) and Long QT (unusual heart rhythms) 



FAMILY & FRIENDS - Sudden cardiac arrest has a MAJOR impact on the family, friends and communities close to victims. Find resources on coping as well as genetic testing.


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