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Public Awareness of AEDs

"AEDs could save 20,000 cardiac arrest victims a year if locations are known and public aware" 

To address the high numbers of sudden cardiac arrest deaths in the United States each year it is vital that AEDs are readily accessible and that individuals are prepared to use them. Too few AEDs are available to the public and people are often aware of how simple they are to use.

Read the full article at KitsapSun.com. 

AEDs are simple to use, life-saving devices that should be more wide-spread in communities. The chances of survival from sudden cardiac arrest are greatly increased by quick use of an AED. 

"About 2.5 million AEDs are scattered across a country of more than 300 million people; experts calculate that 30 million of the devices are needed just to cover all major metropolitan areas."

Not only does the quantity of AEDs need to be increased, it needs to be made clear where AEDs are located and how they function. While these simple devices are easy to use, if it is unknown where they are located, they won't be much help!


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