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Public Access Defibrillators (PAD) Programs

Defibrillators can be to expensive for schools, churches, stores, and other venues and, once they're in place, who is supposed to make sure the batteries are charged, the pads are good and that somebody knows how to use it? Not only is it important to make defibrillators available, it is important to have a plan that insures they're operational. Learn from the groups below, how to establish a successful Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) program in your community. 

VIA Foundation is a non-profit foundation, in California, that helps schools and communities establish AED programs. The group helps determine how many AEDs would benefit a campus, where they should be located, and helps with maintenance and safety checks. The foundation is a great resource for how to set up a PAD program and has great ideas on finding funds to cover initial costs.

Project Adam helps schools across the nation establish PAD programs. The Project Adam website provides great insight into the implementation of successful program that helps schools determine need for AEDs, find funding, provide program templates and help with marketing. Project Adam has affiliates in Forida, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Illinois, Alabama and Washington.

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