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Commotio Cortis - and SCA

Athletes wear helmets and pads to protect from injury but, Commotio Cortis remains a common cause of sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes.  

Relationship of the anatomy of the human thorax to

Commotio Cortis may occur when a baseball, hockey puck, lacrosse ball or other projectile strikes the pericardium. This sudden, nonpenetrating trauma may result in ventricular fibrillation and sudden cardiac arrest. Quick response with CPR/AED is required to restore a heartbeat to the victim. The development of more effective chest protectors and the widespread availability of automated external defibrillators at youth sporting events could improve the safety of young athletes.


Monday, May 31st, a mom stepped up and saved the life of an 8 yr-old baseball player when he collapsed on the baseball field. Read the full article by Ashley Davis. 

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